ISO:EDU Academy

ISO:EDU Academy was created to fulfill a need that we saw in our industry, and that was this: we wanted to be able to provide education that went beyond a workshop.  Ideally, we wanted to create something that would let your education continue to grow and improve itself.  Here’s how our solution works:

  1. A monthly class (or mini-workshop) on the first Monday of the month with various different topics.
  2. A Facebook group designed for members only to discuss the things that they’ve learned, how they’ve implemented what they’ve learned, challenges you face, and a group to support you throughout the process.  There will also be access to the materials in the event that you can’t make a meeting.
  3. You can bring up to 3 people from your company – at no additional cost.  Are you a husband and wife team?  Do you have multiple people on your staff that may benefit from a certain topic?  Bring them!

Topics for 2018:

November 5: Client Experience
December 3: Reviews & How to Use Them
January 7, 2019: Communication
February 4, 2019: Campaigns (Newsletters, E-mail, Creating Your Own Buzz)
March 4, 2019: How to Write a Contract
April 1, 2019: How to Market to Same-Sex Couples
May 6, 2019: Getting Your Passion Back
June 3, 2019: Facebook & Instagram Paid Advertising

ISO:EDU Academy is a way for you to transform your business and elevate it to the next level. To enroll simply fill out the form below and we’ll get your membership started.

Let us know which level of the Academy you would like to enroll in:

Monthly: You’ll pay $55 per month for 12 months.
Full 12 Months: Pay $45 per month all upfront. Save $10 per month!
One Meeting: If you don’t want to be an EDU Academic, that’s cool. You can come to one meeting. It’s $75 per meeting.

Academic Referrals:

Refer a friend who books and you’ll get a free month. Just give us their name and email. We’ll reach out to them. If they decide to sign up you’ll have the choice of being reimbursed for one month or having a credit added to your enrollment to use in the future for your next year, personal lessons, or our retreat.  Go to the EDU Contact Form to sign-up today!