Mike: I want to take a moment to speak as a photographer and as an artist (even though I consider myself an artisan more than an artist- more on that later).

ISO:ALT will not be for everyone. It’s something that both Misty and myself really want to cultivate to be a truly unique space for creative people to do nothing more than be as creative as possible. What makes good art? What makes “creative” art? Who knows! What I want to do right now is give you a sense of what we want to feature.

I’ve always been one to go out of my way to not follow the herd. I don’t consider myself one of the sheep but I also don’t consider myself a wolf. My hopes and dreams are to allow ISO:ALT to become the fields and the hillsides that both the sheep and the wolves reside. A place for them to graze together and challenge each other in a healthy way. You won’t find stolen ideas here. You won’t find mimics and copycats here. This is a place to open your eyes and your mind and create things in a new way.

Now that I’ve gotten all deep and emotional on you guys I’m going to bring it back to what we are looking for. We want to feature concepts and images that are truly unique. We’ve all seen gorgeous couples in fields and mountainsides. This isn’t necessarily a place for things that are simply beautiful. That’s not pushing hard enough. I’m not going to sit here and put myself on a pedestal and lead you to believe that I’m some sort of creative mastermind- I’m not. Even 95% of my own work won’t make it to this publication. Over time thinking differently will become the norm. It’s all about trying to create something new and exciting. We ALL have that ability.

When you submit things to us we don’t want to hear things like “this is out of the box”. Because here there is no box. There are no walls. There are no ceilings. The only limitations are the ones you place on yourself.

Start digging through your portfolios and start calling your friends and start creating things. Send them to us. We will show them to the world. Be proud of being different and be proud of stepping away from what you see every single day.

The last thing I will say is that we don’t want you to get discouraged if you send us something and it doesn’t get picked up. We are partnered with a few other publications and may be able to steer you the right direction. We will also give constructive criticism for the reasons why the work wasn’t a good fit. Don’t crawl into a hole and cry about it. Get up. Get out and do something new. I promise you that each and every single person can be unique. It’s all a matter of changing the way we think about things. It all starts with you. Right now.

The specific things we are looking for are:

Real Weddings, Styled shoots, Video, Audio, Boudoir, Engagement Sessions, Destinations (wedding venues), Wedding details (i.e. cakes, jewelry, dresses, suits, shoes, flowers, plates, etc), anything else you can think of that deals with love and relationships. Even if it’s not on this list please send it to us anyway. We want fantastic images and fantastic stories.