Authentic AF: Etui & Co. – Wildly Organic Calligraphy in Florida

Meet Rachael of Etui & Co.  Rachael totally gets us.  When we first started talking about Authentic AF and what it’s all about, she said to us,

“I’m seriously in love with your mission and everything you post on Instagram. I’ve found some of my favorite photographers through you!”

That’s seriously what it’s all about, guys.  She gets it.  Rachael says Etui & Co. embodies “wildly organic calligraphy”, and you’ll see from the examples below that it totally does.  Check out a little bit more about Etui & Co. via this super fun questionnaire!

What’s the name of your business?

            Etui & Co

Why? How did you come up with it?

            It’s a process, choosing a name. I really wanted to find something that did not scream, “I do calligraphy like everyone else, choose me!” Nor did I want something particularly cutesy, as that has never been my persona. I spent weeks researching words, reading through subreddits of people’s favorite words and names, even going through GRE vocabulary. I can’t particularly remember how I came across the word etui, but it means “small ornamental case” in French. It was perfect. One word, simple, albeit difficult to pronounce, but … different. It was mine as soon as I discovered it, and it started to unfold everything I wanted my business to be. Simple, refined, yet …different.

etui & co., iso:alt, authentic AF, izzy hudgins photography

Photo by Izzy Hudgins Photography

What’s your actual name?

            Rachael Latteri

Tell us something awesome about you personally.

I am an incredibly introverted nerd. I love reading, driving in silence, taking nana naps, and watching my husband play Street Fighter V while complaining to him that Mika is the most annoying character (IMHO). Even though I don’t have fast enough reflexes to actually play, we get excited for tournaments, and I even promised to take him to one for his 30th. We’re cool.

            I also have an amazing little named Harper (ahem… like I said, literary nerd), am obsessed with Thai hot curry, eating chocolate chips, and advocating for Pit Bulls. They are seriously the best breed and amazing besties.

etui & co., iso:alt, authentic AF, lauren bates photography

Photo by Lauren Bates Photography

Tell us something awesome about you professionally.

            I love working with all couples. It’s difficult finding someone who is willing to take your individualistic vision and bring it to life, especially with something as amazing as your wedding. You’re wanting something different, handmade, totally and uniquely you. I believe in creating paper products that make your friends slightly envious, yet excited to see what you have in store for them on your big day. Texture? YES. Unique colors? DEFINITELY. Wildly organic calligraphy? OH, HELL YES.

etui & co., iso:alt, authentic AF

Photo by Lilac & Lemon Photography

Why do you love what you do?

            I’ve always loved working with my hands, whether it’s knitting, painting, or building. Creating stationery and calligraphy pieces allow me to do everything I love while being a part of a client’s There is so much love on a wedding day, between the couple, the family, even the friends, that I just had to become a part of it on a regular basis. I have such a passion for paper products that I even have hordes of notebooks I’ve yet to write in, and fine papers that I love too much to actually use. I love when others share their heart with me, so being able to do that with others gives me ALL the feels.

etui & co., iso:alt, authentic AF, Luisa Renay

Photo by Luisa Renay

Show us the best review you’ve ever gotten.

  One was a video from a photographer who was visiting New York for a workshop. It went something like this: “OMG. RACHAEL! What is this?! This is amazing! I mean, look at this! LOOK.AT.THIS.” and it continued on for a few minutes. I’ve never received so much praise from a creative that I admire SO much. So it made me feel ahhh-mazing.

            Another has been feedback about my internet presence, stating that she felt like she met her new bestie, and wanted to be friends in real life. Be still my heart!

etui & co., iso:alt, authentic AF

Photo by Mrs. Lindsay Roman

What makes you “alt”?

            I never “fit in” anywhere. I love toting Kate Spade accessories and pink nail polish while sporting my combat boots. I listen to various folk rock and indie electronica bands, yet know all the words to Brittney Spears “Toxic.” Lastly, I love tattoos, pinup culture, and even played roller derby pre-baby. Yet my best friend is the hilariously amazing PTA mom. I am the walking conundrum. I like what I like, and I’m not afraid to show it.

How do you show your clients that experience?

            I offer a full service experience, allowing the couple to worry about one less thing. From designing, to assembly, and even addressing and adhering stamps, the only thing they have to worry about is actually mailing off their invitations. But ultimately it is that I understand that not everyone likes that cookie cutter look. That nothing is too “weird” for me, even making a Harry Potter suite not look so childlike, or stating you like nature, and incorporating organic materials. It can be done!

etui & co., iso:alt, authentic AF

Photo by Mrs. Lindsay Roman

Favorite part of a wedding day?

            Well, I may be biased, but the paper products! People take for granted the menus, programs, and seating charts, but if you don’t have them, people look for them! But if it had to be a specific part of a couple’s day, it would be after the actual ceremony. The couple officially did it, and now they have a moment to themselves to be … married. The love is radiating off of them, knowing this is the start of their forever.

etui & co., iso:alt, authentic AF

Photo by Rachel Ranucci Photography

Most unique/awesome thing that you ever did for a client:

    Oh man! Creating a 5 foot tall sign with the quote from Song of Solomon. I painted a wreath, the lettering, and it was almost as tall as I was! I also had to borrow my husband’s truck to deliver it an hour away to the ceremony location. But it’s still in their house as a main piece of artwork!

etui & co., iso:alt, authentic AF

One quote that sums up everything awesome about you:

            “The mind is not contained to the cranium. It’s province is of the infinite imaginative spirit.”

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