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Leather and Sequins Wedding Style

Mike: I wanted a unique wedding style to wow your guests for years. For as long as I’ve been in the wedding industry (going on twelve years) I’ve seen SO many beautiful things; so many gorgeous concepts; so many fantastically executed plans.

One thing was lacking though. A man’s perspective. The wedding industry is geared toward women and is mostly operated by women. And that’s totally cool. I’m not here to have a woman vs man conversation. What I am saying though is that a man can create something beautiful as well. Something for women but also something that a man would be happy about. An entire theme built to equal both feminine and masculine.

The Concept

This concept was not easy to pull off. The things I searched for did not exist but I had a vision in my head. It was going to have sparkling black linens with leather table runners and a deconstructed center piece that flowed through the table and off the sides. I wanted strong accents like woods and metals but also be shiny and soft. There would be conflicting textures and shapes that would mesh together as one. The people who I wanted to be a part of this shoot I knew I would have to sell the vision. That was the hardest part. When you say the things I wanted to do- it didn’t make sense. But in my head it made perfect sense and I knew all I had to do was convince everyone else.

There was a collective sigh of relief when the table was complete.  A couple people looked at me and said “NOW I get it! It makes TOTAL sense now. I didn’t believe you in the beginning.” I think that speaks volumes for the team work that went into this styled shoot. Everyone just trusted that there was a vision and that it was going to be amazing. And it was.

I don’t want to ramble on and on about what’s inspiring to me. I want the hard work and dedication of everyone involved with this shoot to be seen.

Vendors Involved:

Venue: The Historic Post Office

Styling, Design & Photography: Dragon Studio

Coordination: Misty Saves the Day

Vintage Rentals: Mad Hatter Vintage Rentals

Floral Design: Vivid Expressions, LLC

Paper: Paper Dolls Design, Inc.

Linens: Waterford Event Rentals

Cake: Shockley’s Sweet Shoppe

Jewelry: Either Ore Jewelers Strawbridge

Hair & Makeup: Mystique Salon & Skin Spa

Attire: House of Maya

Lighting: Stage Right Lighting Weddings & Special Events

Backdrop: Jollity & Co.

Musician: Diego Gomes of WOAH! & The WokOutz

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