Why ISO:ALT isn’t any other blog


ISO:ALT was something born of a dream. Mike & I talk all the time. A lot of our conversations are bouncing crazy, creative ideas off of each other. “Hey Mike, what if we did this for a photo shoot?” “Hey Misty, I’ve got this crazy idea, let’s make it happen!”

These crazy, off-the-wall ideas were presented to people (publications) but wanted them to have a home before we put the time and effort into the concepts that they deserved.  We were always met with mixed support for the ideas. Ultimately we would hear “No one would ever actually do that” and “How can you make that more realistic?”


ISO:ALT isn’t necessarily about what’s realistic. It’s about pushing yourself, your peers, and your clients creatively. Let’s be real, we all love what we do and we all want to create amazing things. It’s so easy to fall into the norm and find a comfortable place. ISO:ALT is a place to spread your wings and flex your creative muscles. I can’t believe I just said “creative muscles”- so cheesy!

I don’t want to make this super long winded (that’s Misty’s job) and get into the fine details here. I just want to kind of let everyone know that if you have amazing things already in your portfolio then please share them here. If you have amazing ideas that people have told you are not fit for the main stream then this will be your home. We want to see all things dealing with love and relationships. Whether it’s a real wedding, styled shoot, boudoir, destination, engagement session, or even any small detail you can think of, this is the place we want you to show it all off. This is the place we want people to come and find interesting ideas and see things from a new perspective.

I’m going to let Misty wrap this up and get a little more emotional for you now…


I’m lucky. I get to do this with one of my favorite people in the world.  Mike is like a big brother, my family, and this dream doesn’t end with an online publication.  I’m so lucky that we get to work together, with our spouses, to create this amazing thing.  I’ve been told by Mike that I’m unbearably sentimental. I am. When friends are like family, and they share your common dreams and beliefs, there’s no way not to be. I’m so proud of this business, this online publication, and the community of creatives that aren’t satisfied with the status quo. I’m so proud of my honorary big brother and thankful that he was willing to take this leap with me. We wanted you to hear from both of us, so you’ll get used to our voices while you walk along with us on this awesome adventure.


:::sigh::: What she’s trying to say is that we just want to look at all the beautiful amazing things and give them a home.  While she’s being emotional about it, I’m excited to see new and different things from all over the world.  We want the things that you search for and the search engine says “no results found”.  Did we mention that video is welcome, too? Did you capture an amazing proposal, or shoot a video in a special way? We want to see it all.  E-mail me at mike@isoalt.com or misty@isoalt.com to submit today.

Misty: I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with, because it’s going to be amazing! And we can’t wait to share with you our shoot that’s going to launch this exciting concept off the ground – coming soon!

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